BRS Party Leaders Unite in Prayers on Diksha Divas for Ex-CM KCR's Swift Recovery

BRS Party Leaders Unite in Prayers on Diksha Divas for Ex-CM KCR's Swift Recovery


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On the auspicious occasion of Diksha Divas, a poignant assembly unfolded as leaders of the Bharatiya Rashtriya Samithi (BRS) congregated at Dargah Yousufiyan to extend prayers and well-wishes for the speedy recovery and robust health of the former Chief Minister and current President of BRS, KCR.
BRS Badhurpura Incharge, Mir Inayat Ali Baqri, spearheaded the gathering alongside prominent figures including Mir Qurram Ali, the GHMC Coordinator of BRS, Zahooruddin, Sattar Gulshani, Mohd Ghouse Uddin Azher, P. Veramani, Baba Ahmed Hussain, Rakesh, and various other TRS candidates. The ambiance echoed with heartfelt prayers for KCR's wellness and protection from all adversities.
Expressing deep-seated sentiments, Mir Qurram Ali, the GHMC Coordinator, voiced the sentiments of the people of Telangana, highlighting the profound admiration and fondness for KCR. "Our beloved leader KCR holds a special place in the hearts of Telangana's populace. His unwavering dedication and sacrifices for the state are revered by all," remarked Ali.
Mir Inayat Ali Baqri, a stalwart BRS leader, resonated the collective faith and hope vested in KCR's recovery, asserting, "Today, the people of Telangana unite in prayer for KCR. We believe in our leader, and we ardently believe he will return hale and hearty. He represents the aspirations of our state and is envisioned as the future Prime Minister of India."
The solemn gathering at Dargah Yousufiyan transcended political boundaries, resonating with the universal wish for KCR's swift recuperation. The prayers, laden with hope and respect, symbolized the collective unity and support of the people for the esteemed leader's well-being.
As the prayers concluded, a palpable sense of solidarity lingered, reflecting the unwavering resolve of the BRS fraternity and the people of Telangana in wishing KCR a speedy recovery, a long and healthy life, and protection from all adversity.


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