"Telangana Congress: Endangering Data Security with Offline Shift?"

"BRSV Mir Quarram Ali questions Telangana Congress: Why regress 20 years with offline methods? Is jeopardizing data security a step backward in this digital age?"

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In an unexpected move, the Telangana Congress has backtracked on its digital advancements, igniting worries regarding data security and citizen accountability. Spearheaded by Congress leader Revanth Reddy, the decision to resort to offline forms and manual data collection has sparked criticism, notably from influential political figures like BRS leader Mir Quarram Ali. Ali condemned Telangana's Chief Minister, alleging a deception of the public and endangerment of data security.The repercussions are palpable across the state. Reports indicate early morning queues, starting as early as 6 AM, as citizens flock to apply for the government's Safe Hands program. However, confusion reigns as multiple agencies seek clarity on the application process.Compounding the situation is a backlog in essential services, with over 20 lakh pending ration cards, leaving citizens without their entitled benefits. The delayed acknowledgment of this issue has amplified public frustration.The abrupt introduction of a new application process for educational support has further added to the chaos, leaving students and parents perplexed. The lack of a cohesive announcement strategy has sown seeds of discontent among the populace.In an era emphasizing digital governance and data protection, the Congress' step backward has underscored the absence of a robust strategy for data safety and effective governance.Telangana's citizens demand answers: Who will ensure data safety? What measures guarantee accountability and protect sensitive information? As the state grapples with these critical concerns, the call for transparent, efficient, and secure governance  has never been more urgent.



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