"BRS Calls for 420 Guarantees from Congress, Not Just Six"

Hyderabad: Reminding the Congress leadership of the promises it had made lavishly to the people in the State on multiple occasions just by eyeing votes, the BRS leadership on Wednesday released a booklet sounding a caution to the new government against dragging implementation of the promises beyond a limit.

The BRS pointed out that the assurances the Congress Party had made in the form of declarations and election manifestoes were too many. Those assurances would turn fraudulent unless the government would come forward to implement them in a genuine way.Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code does deal with cheating and dishonesty. The 420 promises the Congress has made would fall in the same category unless they demonstrated the urge to implement them with honesty. The BRS has resolved to mount pressure on the government from time to time for their implementation.

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