Kangana Ranaut Reflects on Challenges Faced While Creating Film on Bilkis Bano.

Kangana Ranaut Reflects on Challenges Faced While Creating Film on Bilkis Bano.

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut recently expressed her longstanding desire to create a film based on the life of Bilkis Bano, a survivor of the 2002 Gujarat riots who faced rape and witnessed the killing of her family. Kangana, known for her roles and activism, disclosed that she had been researching and working on the project for three years.

Despite her passion for bringing Bilkis Bano's story to the screen, Kangana revealed that she has encountered challenges in making the film due to a lack of support from major studios and OTT platforms. Responding to a user's tweet encouraging her to tell Bilkis Bano's story, Kangana shared her struggles, stating that Netflix, Amazon, and other studios declined, citing clear guidelines against "politically motivated films." Additionally, JioCinema reportedly mentioned not working with Kangana due to her political affiliations, while Zee, undergoing a merger, posed further complications.

It remains to be seen if Kangana will find support from an OTT platform or a major studio for her project. However, her advocacy for such a film brings attention to the issue, reflecting her commitment to addressing social issues and empowering women. This is not the first time Kangana has used social media to voice her opinions on matters concerning gender violations and women's empowerment, reinforcing her reputation for being outspoken on societal issues.-

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