Nigerian arrested with drugs worth Rs 8 crore in Hyderabad

In a significant operation, the Telangana State Anti-Narcotics Bureau (TSNAB) in collaboration with Punjagutta Police apprehended a Nigerian national and seized narcotics worth approximately Rs. 8 crore in Hyderabad.The raid, conducted on Tuesday, resulted in the confiscation of 557 grams of cocaine, 390 grams of ecstasy pills, 21 grams of heroin, 21 grams of marijuana, 105 LSD blots, around 215 grams of charas, along with seven grams of amphetamine. Additionally, authorities seized eight mobile phones and a sum of Rs. 5.40 lakh in cash.The arrested individual, identified as Iwuala Udoka Stanley, had entered India on a business visa back in November 2009. Subsequently, he resided in various parts of the country without proper documentation. Initially engaging in the ready-made clothes business in Mumbai, Stanley turned to drug trafficking due to financial constraints, inspired by the prevalence of cocaine usage among fellow Nigerians in India."Stanley procured a variety of drugs from acquaintances within the Nigerian community and distributed them, particularly targeting tourists and other visitors to Goa. He cultivated a wide network of clientele across India, including supplying drugs to an individual named Babu, who was apprehended by Punjagutta police last year," stated DCP (West) Vijay Kumar.The investigation is underway to identify and dismantle the entire network involved in the drug trade, encompassing consumers, transporters, financiers, and other associated individuals. Thus far, authorities have identified seven customers of Stanley in Hyderabad alone.Further inquiries have revealed that Stanley facilitated transactions through online channels to procure drugs and maintained a distribution network with the aid of taxi drivers.The arrest and subsequent seizure underscore the continued efforts of law enforcement agencies to combat the illicit drug trade in Hyderabad and the broader Telangana region. Authorities remain vigilant in their pursuit of individuals and networks involved in narcotics trafficking, aiming to safeguard communities from the detrimental effects of drug abuse.

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