"Parents Protest Insect-Infested Food at TSWR in Mancherial"

A wave of discontent swept through the community as parents rallied against the management of a Telangana Social Welfare Residential School (TSWR) in Mulkalla, Mancherial, accusing them of serving food contaminated with insects to students. The protest unfolded on Tuesday with a dharna staged in front of the school premises in Mulkalla village, situated in Hajipur mandal.Expressing deep concern, the aggrieved parents lamented the distressing situation where their children were being served rice infested with insects, leaving them with no choice but to forgo their meals. Confronting the school principal, they demanded immediate action to ensure the provision of hygienic and palatable meals for the students. Frustration boiled over as they voiced their displeasure towards the management's alleged negligence in catering to the basic nutritional needs of the students.In a bold move, the protesting parents prevented students from consuming the afternoon meal, highlighting the seriousness of the issue. Classes were temporarily disrupted as a result of the demonstration. However, normalcy was restored after the principal pledged to implement measures to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents in the future, pacifying the concerned parents.The incident underscores the critical importance of taining food quality and hygiene standards in educational institutions, particularly those entrusted with the welfare of students. As the community demands accountability and swift action to rectify the situation, the school administration faces mounting pressure to uphold its responsibilities in ensuring the well-being of the students under its care.

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