BDS 2019-2020 Batch Demands Hostel Accommodation Equality

 BDS 2019-2020 Batch Demands Hostel Accommodation Equality

In a recent turn of events at the Girls' Hostel of the GDC (Government Dental College), Hyderabad, the BDS 2019-2020 batch has raised concerns over what they perceive as discriminatory practices in hostel accommodation allocation.

The issue stems from a circular issued on February 23, 2023, by the Director of Medical Education, Sultan Bazar, Koti, Hyderabad. The circular clearly stated that hostel accommodation would be allotted by the aforementioned authority. However, this academic year has witnessed a deviation from this norm, causing distress among the BDS students.

According to sources within the Medical Wing of Vidyarthi Seva Dal, students were allegedly coerced into signing papers to vacate the hostels, under the threat of not receiving BDS 4th-year Hall Tickets. Such actions have sparked debates regarding the fairness and transparency of the process.

Mir Qurram Ali, the National President of Vidyarthi Seva Dal, has firmly opposed this decision and urged the authorities to fulfill the promises made to the students. "We strongly oppose this decision and urge you to provide hostel rooms to the BDS students before 18/03/2024, as initially promised," stated Mr. Ali in a letter addressed to the concerned authorities.

One of the main grievances highlighted by the BDS students is the apparent disparity in treatment between the BDS and MBBS 2019-2020 batches. While the MBBS interns are allowed to stay in the girls' hostel, BDS students are being denied this privilege. This inequality has not gone unnoticed and has fueled the demands for equal treatment among all students.

In response to these concerns, the BDS students, through Vidyarthi Seva Dal, have requested the concerned departments to reconsider their decision and allow BDS students to stay in the hostel. The demand is not only for accommodation but also for fairness and equity in the treatment of all students.

As the issue gains momentum, all eyes are on the authorities to address the grievances of the BDS 2019-2020 batch and ensure a just resolution to the accommodation debacle at GDC Hyderabad.

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